Boyfriend & Girlfriend

The perfect way to celebrate your relationship, this mug is a great gift for any occasion: like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, valentines, Christmas, etc! It can be personalised with any name or message and made specially for LGBT couples! For your customised message, please use the text boxes below when placing your order. All images expertly printed using dye sublimation. This special ink becomes part of the material, therefore the images on the mugs won't FADE or PEEL OFF after washing. Message in this photo: Girlfriend (Amanda)/n 1. Amazing partner to Pat. 2. My best friend and supporter. 3. Always looking after friends and family. 4. Drinks too much coffee. 5. Loves DIY 6. Computer wiz. (syn: Soulmate) Features Mug Capacity 11oz Finish available is gloss white glaze Mugs are dishwasher safe

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